Enhanced website for design-loving housing developer

Tobin Properties develops housing projects with a focus on design, architecture and exclusive quality. You might say we’re made for each other. And we both build beautiful homes tailored to target groups.

Tobin Properties – with an eye for details

Tobin Properties’ website is its most important sales channel. In 2018, it was time to give it a new lease of life. Together we analysed the needs of the various target groups, how to present building projects and how best to support homebuyers in the purchasing process when making one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Tobin Properties distinguishes itself from other companies by taking overall responsibility for the home. The primary focus is always on design and architecture, i.e. details that make all the difference. The website therefore needed to be designed in a way that underpinned this focus and reflected the brand.

  • Analysis and strategy
  • Packaging
  • Concept, design and UX
  • Technical production
  • Optimisation

Unpredictable new-build market

Housing developers in Stockholm need to be highly flexible, particularly in the current climate. The website therefore needed to be responsive to the business’s somewhat erratic market; a challenge that both during the project and going forward will be a recurring factor in communication.

Greater focus on sales

Now that the brand and feel are in place on the website, we’re working with Tobin Properties to optimise sales communication and flows. We’ve carried out conversion analyses and are implementing updated solutions on an ongoing basis.