Currently the world’s most important website?

Say hello to the World Wide Fund for Nature’s new high-conversion website, which puts the wellbeing of animals and nature front and centre. – a dependable source of knowledge

Preserve the world’s biological diversity. Take action to ensure renewable natural resources are used in a sustainable way. Reduce pollution and unsustainable consumption. Our client, WWF in Sweden, works with the serious issues of the day. That’s why it was particularly important to create a website that offered a user-friendly and accessible experience, with scope to get to the heart of the matter. A place where fundraising and educational material could be combined with sustainable holiday tips and the latest news. A site that did justice to WWF’s work for a thriving planet.

  • Analysis and strategy
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Technical production
  • Content migration
  • Optimisation

Digital partner with overall responsibility

The result was a new, extensive digital platform that functions as a dependable source of information about WWF’s work in Sweden and internationally, and creates the financial conditions needed for WWF to achieve its established goals.

It all started in spring 2018, when WWF was looking for a new digital agency that could help them launch the new They needed an agency that was well versed in leading major projects, for whom parallel tracks, collaboration with third-party suppliers and advanced integrations were their bread and butter. It was like the assignment was made for us. We adopted an agile approach, divided up the work into 13 smaller subprojects and established impact goals for each project to help monitor progress.

Optimised payment solutions and extensive integrations

The project started with a thorough analysis of target group needs and requirements. Since the website had to work for a range of groups, including media, teachers and students, and function as a vital tool in influencing public opinion, there were significant requirements in relation to navigation and accessibility. It also had to facilitate target group involvement.

So we created several integrations with various systems and payment solutions, including WWF’s membership system. For example, we built a flow in which every order was linked to unique campaign codes, depending on the selected amount, premium and type of donation. Each donation and sponsorship offer was also assigned a unique thank-you page and thank-you email, to enable WWF to work strategically with targeted communication. For donations with a donation certificate you can also write personal greetings, choose a background and preview the end result.

Write new copy, move it, edit it

A new sitemap, keyword customisation and migrating large amounts of content were a significant aspect of the project, all without jeopardising SEO ranking. With its worldwide areas of work, WWF has vast amounts of educational, fascinating and important content that deserved to be found, read, listened to and viewed. Conversion-friendly entry points and an effective search interface were therefore clear parameters.

Higher conversions and continued confidence

The impact of the new website was immediate. The conversion rate has increased significantly, and as a bonus, WWF themselves say that their employees are using the website in their day-to-day work much more. We have been tasked with continuing to develop, optimise and manage the website, and we are also providing WWF with digital consulting on an ongoing basis. It’s a partnership that we are both delighted and extremely proud to continue to be involved with.

We chose Triggerfish as part of a thorough procurement process featuring a number of set criteria, and we felt right from the first draft of the new website that they had a solid understanding of us and our activities. Our new website enables us to undertake effective digital communication.