Become a Triggerfisher and join us on an exciting journey

We are a rapidly growing agency with unique expertise and plenty of heart. We love the things that no one believes are possible. We continuously push the boundaries of today’s technology and in that way create websites that generate serious business value. We also consider it a right to have fun at work. An unbeatable combo, if you ask us.

We’re currently looking for developers

Join our awesome team and write beautiful code, both front and backend.
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Our goal is to be the best workplace in the industry

With over 20 years of experience, extremely low staff turnover, stable finances and expert employees, we are secure and reliable employer. We help each other out, share our expertise and foster relationships – between each other, our customers and our partners. Our values form the foundation of everything we do.

  • Heart – We put plenty of heart into all we do, with regard to one another and our customers. We value business relationships that are supportive and show mutual respect for each other’s craft and business. We believe that goodness wins in the long run.
  • Passion – We love our profession and our customers. We are driven by curiosity and a constant desire to become better and better at what we do. We also offer our knowledge, with the aim of ensuring that our customers develop during collaboration.
  • Quality – At every stage, we strive to maintain high quality. Among employees, for clients, in communication and deliveries. We always create solutions based on the needs of the customer and their target groups.
  • Pride – We always aim to be our best self; our craft and our skills are then in a class of their own. We also always strive to make our customers feel proud of working with us.

Our values are a matter of course

Triggerfish shows consideration and respect regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs.

More than just WordPress

Some people believe WordPress just involves installing a bunch of plugins and being ready to go. But that is light years from how we work at Triggerfish. Advanced integration projects, complex international websites, e-commerce, apps, headless and advanced web development comprise our daily work. We are a Nordic leader in WordPress, and one reason for this is our expertise.

Challenges motivate us

In every assignment we take, we aim to exceed customers’ expectations. We do this with enormous dedication, high-quality deliveries and driven by the belief that nothing is impossible. Success simply requires thinking outside the famous box.

Here is a selection of past and ongoing projects

  • Built an intranet for DICE
  • Launched Spotify’s website for job seekers on WordPress VIP
  • Close work with customers who make a difference, such as Plan Sverige, WWF, IOGT and GodEl
  • Taken on the approximately 700 websites for the Guides and Scouts of Sweden
  • Built and responsible for Vasakronan’s new website

We call it work-life balance

The freedom to plan your time is one of the most important ingredients for thriving at work.

We believe it’s a matter of course for people to work more hours on one day in order to leave earlier on another, whether it’s to pick up the kids from preschool or make it to a workout. Working from home now and then is also fine. In return, we look forward to 100% dedication from you.

More benefits that make a difference

  • SEK 5,000 wellness contribution
  • 30 days of vacation
  • At least one trip per year to an exciting locale
  • Senior project manager team
  • Creative coworkers who are good team players
  • Training programs to broaden your skills and personal development
  • Breakfast, coffee breaks and celebrations on a regular basis
  • Fun activities after work
  • Group workouts
  • Always a YES to requests for time off
  • Alltid ett JA på ledighetsansökan
  • Fair and decent remuneration levels, occupational pension etc.
  • Health insurance that puts you first in line at a private clinic if you get sick

We create conditions for a healthy and sustainable workplace

By proactively working with health and well-being, we create conditions for a healthy and sustainable workplace. Triggerfish has been awarded the reward Healthy Place to Work, issued by OneLab.