Online strategy

Your digital presence should be based on informed choices developed from analysis and understanding. On this basis we create an online strategy that guides both the project and future work.

What is an online strategy?

Your website is your organisation’s window to the world. It creates business benefits and helps your operation grow. The strategy therefore forms the basis for everything that happens and is one of the key guideline documents. The aim is to describe how and what needs to be delivered and, above all, why.

You should therefore have one

We view the strategy document as a support tool, not only for our cooperation but also for you and the role of your website for your organisation. It may provide the basis for your budget and the allocation of resources and often helps boost understanding of the website’s role in your organisation’s ecosystem. A well-designed strategy provides us with guidance from start to finish.

Our approach to online strategy

The scope of the strategy can vary, but it usually covers the following areas:

  • Goals and purpose
  • Target groups
  • Brand and graphic identity
  • Conversions
  • SEO and optimisation
  • Structure and content
  • Design and concept
  • Technical functionality
  • Follow-up and further analysis

The strategy should, of course, indicate how and when things need to be done and who is responsible for what.

Based on understanding, implemented with experience

We take what we have learnt about your organisation from analysis and insights , and combine this with our experience of what solutions are best applied based on user-friendliness, accessibility and website standards. Experience is something we have plenty of. Together this forms the strategy.

Hand in hand with your goals

The strategy needs to be a good fit for your organisation and work on an ongoing basis for the long term. It’s vital for it to be in line with your vision and that the intermediate goals are in sync with longer-term objectives. It should describe how your website supports your organisation and how it relates to other digital channels.

Follow-up and joint long-term investment

A key aspect of our joint plan going forward is follow-up and proactive measures. After launch, we continually perform detailed analyses that support improvements of both significant issues and smaller details. This approach allows us to prepare for any problems that might arise along the way. We also keep up to date on developments within your company, its market, competitors and technical developments to ensure our strategy remains valid.