A/B Testing

Only with a website that gives you the most conversions will you be able to experience growth and profitability. Through our A/B testing services, we will test multiple variations of your website to help you determine which version performs better against your specific conversion goals.

Testing is trickier than it seems

A/B testing might sound simple on the face of it… just take two or more versions of the website, randomly show them to users and pick the winner. However, to pick the best version, there is a need for statistical and analysis skills, both in knowledge and methodology. This is something we are exceptionally good at.

Effortless A/B testing to optimize conversion

There are challenges involved in conducting A/B tests. Specifically, you have to worry about:

  • Coming up with the best strategy for A/B testing.
  • Determining which sample size is ideal for your conversion goals.
  • Determining which tests are a priority.
  • Determining how long each test should run for.
  • Determining which version is performing better

Being the website owner doesn’t mean you have to do all of this yourself. You have better things to worry about, especially if you’re time-deprived. Leave this to us while you take care of other things. With us, your A/B testing will be effortless – you will have a website that sells without lifting a finger!

Our approach to A/B testing

Our team uses a tried and true A/B testing framework to find out which aspects of your website are haemorrhaging money. This is an industry-standard approach to ensuring desirable outcomes while avoiding unnecessary assumptions and guesswork.

In a nutshell, our team will:

  • Study your analytics (or step up analytics if no measures are in place) to identify which tests to run.
  • Hypothesize on which testing ideas will be most beneficial and prioritize them.
  • Based on your conversion goals and the data we have collected about your users, we create multiple variations of your website for A/B testing.
  • Deploy the websites and use the right statistical methodology and tools to analyze user interactions with each version.
  • Analyze the results and declare the winner – based on our findings, you will be able to tell if there is a difference that is statistically significant between the variants.

The work has just begun

Once we have determined the winner, we extract useful insights to see what we can learn. Then we suggest what changes need to be made throughout your website to drive conversions.

Keep testing, over and over again

The initial A/B testing is just the beginning. Once changes have been made, there is a need for further testing to see if improvements can be made to the user experience. If there is a chance to do better, you should always take it!