WordPress maintenance, web hosting and support

Simple, secure and powerful. We use tried and tested methods and state-of-the-art structure in designing some of Sweden’s most complex websites, always with an emphasis on security, performance and uptime.

Extensive experience

We are responsible for the web development of some of Sweden’s largest companies, and over more than 20 years in the industry we have gained invaluable knowledge about how best to maintain and administrate websites, particularly those built with WordPress.

Always up to date

We provide security, version and plugin updates with a clear process and structure. This ensures your system remains secure and modern, and continues to perform at a high level. We also offer basic or advanced support and trouble-shooting should you or your editors have questions.

Web hosting environment wholly tailored to WordPress

High accessibility is vital for a website. That’s why we use optimised code and various caches and CDNs (content delivery networks) to ensure speed, with backups by the minute as needed. We maintain websites on a modular basis so your website can grow and to keep it isolated to prevent the spread of negative impacts from any malicious attacks. All code is versioned and you approve new development in a separate test environment before it goes live in the production environment.

in everything we do

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Over the years we have developed a comprehensive approach to security throughout our organisation. This involves everything from how we maintain our websites and what plugins we use, to how we develop code, protect sensitive data and work in teams with additional capacity. Together, this ensures unbeatable quality in our delivery.

Post-launch support

Our support service provides reassurance for our clients. We know your website, understand how it was built and what opportunities it has for development. Our support helps you with user issues, minor orders and basic problem-solving. Email us and let’s talk.

Updating your website regularly

WordPress is constantly being developed and new versions are issued all the time. Our WordPress Update service means you don’t need to worry about missing any of these.

This service means we regularly update both your website and plugins to the latest version. These updates take place in controlled forms and we test everything in a development environment before launch.

Retainers when we work closely with clients

Many of our clients choose to continue working closely with us in order to further develop, analyse and improve their website. We often agree on a number of hours that are used for specifically assigned goals and activities.

This offers numerous advantages, primarily that it gives you access to a vast array of expertise at a reasonable cost. You also benefit from allocated time in our planning, ensuring there is always scope to implement your preferences. This also makes it easier to plan according to a particular deadline. Close cooperation, in which we know one another’s businesses well, allows us to work proactively on future events.