Persuasive Design

Your SEO and PPC campaigns could be bringing traffic to your website. Your website could be providing an excellent user experience and have an aesthetically pleasing design. But you need something else to seal the deal. We help you increase your conversion rate through persuasive website design that urges your target audience to take desired actions.

What is persuasive design?

Persuasive design is the silver bullet in your digital marketing strategy. This is where psychological methods are used to direct human behaviour towards a specific goal. Our persuasive designs ensure that each interaction the user has with your website is fun, engaging and extremely compelling.

It’s the best way to nudge leads towards becoming converts

Your website is how the majority of your target audience will interact with your brand. You don’t want their interest to drop before they fully interact with your core message and resonate with it. Failure to make an impression, especially early on, will send them back to the SERP rather than respond to your calls-to-action.

Our philosophy around persuasive design will prevent this from happening by guiding users through the persuasion funnel. We take them from Awareness to Action without losing them at any stage.

All the stages include:

  • Awareness – This is where the user is aware of the existence of your website, mainly through search engines and advertisement channels.
  • Interest – The stage where the user’s interest is piqued and maintained.
  • Desire – This is where the need to own the product or service on offer is created.
  • Action – Finally, the user is convinced enough to make a purchase.
Ann-Sofi med projektledargänget

The key is to keep them on your website longer

What if you could hit the right emotional triggers to keep them scrolling and absorbing your carefully targeted content? Imagine how much more effective your call-to-action will be once you touch on their most important pain points? That is what will increase your conversion rate.

Our approach to designing persuasive websites

People are driven by emotion – we might not like it, but this is something that we have to accept. That’s why designs need to go beyond functional and hit the right emotional triggers to change human behaviour. We start by getting to know your target audience to understand what motivates them to take action. Then we incorporate our understanding into your design for optimum CRO at any stage of their journey.

This means every design feature on your website is strategically placed to maximize impact and increase the conversion rate. These design features include:

  • Images
  • Colour scheme
  • Text
  • Content
  • Tone of voice
  • Navigation
  • And, of course, CTAs

We create the ultimate brand experience

At Triggerfish, we have plenty of persuasive website examples. We have worked with many businesses and brands, transforming their web designs to tell an engaging and compelling brand story. With us, your users get more than just a website to purchase your product or service, but a brand experience that leaves a lasting impression. This is something you can leverage to maximize your ROI.