Creating web content involves creating content for human behaviour. All content must be aimed at a particular target group but must also relate to converting leads, ranking, accessibility, competitors and brand. We help you with everything from structure and tone of voice, to key word analysis and sitemaps.

Content inventory

Most website design projects begin with an inventory of your website’s existing content. What needs to be moved or removed? What new content needs to be written? We then draw up a plan based on the online strategy, which we develop together to establish what you want to convey and how this achieves your goals.

SEO and keyword analysis

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, involves creating the conditions for the website and its content to rise up search result lists. Keyword analysis is one of the fundamental tools we have and we therefore recommend all our clients carry out an updated analysis before work on copy starts. Because knowing how to write for Google is key to your organisation’s success. A strategic approach is important, particularly as users are becoming increasingly impatient when it comes to finding what they’re looking for.


Prioritising and packaging your material in a way that provides a clear structure is essential to your site’s visitors. But this is often easier said than done.

Using SEO, your offering, your target groups, current status and desired position, we develop a sitemap that gives us an overview of your website.

Web copy

Everything, nothing or perhaps somewhere in between. The extent of the assistance we give clients when it comes to web copy varies from project to project. Some want to handle content entirely in house, while others leave it all to us. Sometimes we find a third way whereby we introduce specific sections to enhance tone of voice or SEO. You decide.

Images and video

Our creative work always involves providing images and suggesting what style of images are needed for producing a cohesive experience. We usually also conduct an inventory of the existing offering and use that to establish a plan for the project.