We view development as fine craftsmanship guided by your vision, our experience and our expertise, not market forces and locked licences. We’ve been developing both complex and business-critical websites for many years. Always with a high level of security. Most often using WordPress.

Proud to use open source software

We believe in using open source software, sharing our know-how and helping others create the digital solutions of the future.

As a prominent company on the Nordic WordPress market, we believe it is our mission to contribute to a world with open data. That’s how innovation is fostered and cutting-edge expertise grows and flourishes. And we want to be at the centre of that.

Experts in WordPress and integration

Many years ago we chose to focus on one content management system, WordPress, and to be really good at it. This has resulted in us attracting clients with high standards that want to work with an incredibly experienced team.

Here’s what we can help you with

Our work on hundreds of WordPress projects means we have invaluable know-how about what works and what doesn’t. You’ll receive recommendations for solutions based on thousands of hours of experience.

But WordPress is not the answer to everything, so we make sure we are up to speed about how best to approach your project using other technology.

  • Corporate websites
  • E-commerce / WooCommerce
  • Intranet / My Pages
  • Promotional sites
  • Apps
  • Integration projects


Almost all projects include various types of integration with external systems and APIs (application programme interfaces) such as:

  • Member databases
  • CRM systems
  • BankID
  • Contracts
  • Business systems
  • Booking systems
  • Product databases
  • Brokerage systems

Supplying quality in everything we do

Quality of delivery is a recurring theme when our customers describe us. For us, quality isn’t just about innovative solutions; it’s about so much more.


Security is key issue throughout our organisation. It guides our strategy on web hosting, our choice of technologies, our processes and practices and how we conduct development and administration. This is a cornerstone that is always in place and means year after year we are given the opportunity to work on complex projects with high security requirements.

Long-term solutions

Everything we create should be easy to develop further at a later date. This not only saves you time and money in the long run, it’s what sets us apart from others. We take direct responsibility for everything we do. This might sound a little lofty but after decades of experience we know this isn’t a given for all web agencies.

Rigorous processes and standards

Our web development follows meticulously established processes, structures and standards. This makes further development and support easy and increases reliability.

Additional capacity

We ensure no tasks get overlooked because of deficient handovers or documentation. We always have several developers who are very familiar with your project, they work closely with the technical project manager and strategist who are often involved at the start of the project. The team makes sure you get the right solution based on the technology that fits your project.

User-friendliness for both clients and colleagues

A website may look great but may lack functionality supporting vital online guidelines. We ensure you get the best of both worlds. We frequently work with customers that require us to comply strictly with WCAG 2.0 och Naturally, we package everything in a stylish concept with a design that supports your objectives.

But user-friendliness isn’t just about your external target groups. We also think of those who will be keeping the website updated on a daily basis, such as editors and administrators. Our aim is therefore to always create interfaces that do the job simply, efficiently and stylishly.

Core values lead the way

Quality is so important to us that we have chosen it as a core value. It’s a key factor that makes us proud, and means our clients satisfied and our business relationships last. Just as things should be.