Keyword Research

Having quality and engaging content is good for conversion, but your target audience has to find it first. At the core of every successful SEO campaign are keywords that highlight the audience’s search intent. Our keyword research makes your SEO campaign stronger and competitive by incorporating the relevant main and related keywords.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the process of identifying popular and relevant phrases (keywords) that people are entering into search engines. The keywords are then strategically included in the website’s meta elements and content – this is known as keyword optimization. Ultimately, this will make the website rank higher on the SERPs.

Keywords are how people find you

The key is to make search engines “see” your content as an accurate representation of the user’s search intent. Keywords are how search engines “tell” what people are thinking – that’s why they’re a big deal. Our keyword research ensures that search engines match your website to what the users are searching for to increase your conversion rate.

Optimizing for Google is more difficult than it looks

Many people want to know how to do keyword research for SEO and what is SEO onpage optimization because it sounds like something they can do by themselves. However, without the right expertise and investment in the right tools, your SEO initiatives can fall by the wayside.

Trust us, these things go way beyond just entering a phrase in Google Keyword Planner and picking what is popular. There are a lot of factors to consider, including long-tail keywords, demographics, location, indexed keywords, relevancy and how many competitors are ranking for a specific keyword.

How to keyword research the right way

It is simple – leave it to the pros! We have the expertise and have invested in the right tools so that you don’t have to.

Our approach to keyword research for your website

We do our keyword research in two ways: keyword research for existing pages and keyword search for new pages.

Keyword research for existing pages

This is where we conduct a deep onpage SEO analysis to determine what elements need keyword optimization for enhanced search engine visibility. This includes analyzing everything from your URLs and meta descriptions to the titles (h1, h2, h3…) and the actual content. In the end, your content creators will have enough suggestions for effective onpage SEO optimization.

Keyword research for new pages

Depending on what you want to be visible for, we uncover all the relevant high-volume keywords. Our thorough and highly effective keyword research strategy ensures all the keyword gaps in your SEO strategy are discovered. Then we provide a report that your content creators can use to create a keyword-optimized content strategy from scratch.

We also save you money on PPC campaigns

If you are keyword-optimizing your PPC campaigns, it would be expensive to include every relevant keyword imaginable. Our keyword research ensures that you have selected only those keywords you need for maximum ROI. Our experts have been doing this for years and have managed to make many of our B2B and B2C clients competitive in the digital space.