Concept and design

Each project is unique. Every company and organisation has its own story, vision and journey. We endeavour to create projects that make a difference, that boost your brand and generate a response. But always with a constant focus on accessibility, conversions and goals.

More than just data

Your website should feel right, meet key needs and, perhaps above all else, reflect the true nature of your organisation. With the myriad of design possibilities that are available for websites, it’s easy to lose one’s way. So we always approach projects based on previous analysis and understanding and a number of additional factors.

Graphic identity

Whether you already have a website, it needs a refresh or is being created from scratch, the concept and design are always based on this guiding document.

Brand, position and core values

Creating a unique visitor experience requires a website that reflects your brand, generates recognition and can be distinguished from competitors.

Target groups and customer journey

The online strategy we establish defines the target groups and their needs. The website is then made as clear as possible, and its accessibility, adding of value and ability to convert visitors are secured for each of these needs. A key aspect of establishing a sustainable, long-term concept is to formulate the experience of target groups on the website; what we call the customer journey. Visualising the target groups’ needs allows us to find solutions that address and meet these.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

We use different CRO approaches, depending on the purpose and goals of the project. There are several different best practice models that we use for each particular project.

User experience and flows

We analyse the purchasing and customer journeys and then develop flows that are tested continually. We normally use a data-based approach and always gather information from your organisation’s external systems, such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, to check the results of our theories.


Creating a website that works well on smartphones and other digital devices is crucial for all projects these days.


SEO isn’t just about ensuring your web copy or structure is right. It also involves using design to support what we want visitors to do on the website. Together, these provide the optimum conditions for strong, organic SEO.


We work on lots of projects with stringent requirements as regards accessibility. Our team of experts ensures that design, technology and content meet the requirements of the web accessibility directive, and often in accordance with WCAG 2.1 AA.