Google Analytics Audit

Your website’s success is in trouble if you don’t have the correct data. In this day and age, all decisions need to be data-backed to make a positive impact on your desired outcomes. Through our Google Analytics Audit, we analyze your current configuration and suggest changes to ensure you have accurate and reliable data you can act on.

The GA Audit everyone should do

If you have never done a Google Analytics implementation audit or it has been a while, how can you trust your data? Your website has gone through massive changes, but yet your Google Analytics remains unchanged. If this sounds like you, then you really need us to step in and perform a Google Analytics review.

Many people just insert the Google Analytics code into their website template (it is that easy) and forget about it. However, in our experience, we have found that this set-and-forget mentality is insufficient for the data needs of many business websites. This is especially true for complex websites with multiple systems in place.

A updated implementation is the recipe for accurate, trustworthy data

We make sure that your Google Analytics are configured correctly to give you data that is an asset for informed decision making. We have the experience and expertise to analyze and configure Google Analytics implementations for any website, no matter the complexity.

How we audit your Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics audit tool is a template built in Google sheets. It allows us to quickly identify any underlying issues that are plaguing your implementation. With the add-on for Google Sheets, Supermetrics, we use the template to pull in a wide range of data from your Google Analytics configuration, resulting in a 12-point Google Analytics Audit Checklist.

12-point Google Analytics Audit Checklist

The checklist details which checks your website passed and failed in a comprehensive summary tab. This gives us insight into what actions we need to take to resolve the issues.

The items on the checklist are:

  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Subdomains and Google Analytic Property
  • Content Grouping
  • Exclude URL Query Parameters
  • Unrealistic Bounce rate
  • Not Set Landing Pages
  • Channel Grouping
  • Referral Exclusion
  • Tracking Code
  • Ecommerce Data
  • Goals Setup
  • Event Setup

When do you need Google Analytics debugging?

We understand it can be hard to tell when exactly you need SEO audit Google Analytics. Surely, you don’t have to perform the audit every time you change an image on your website. But you do need one when:

  • Your website has undergone drastic changes or redesigns
  • You have made updates to the website and/or plugins
  • The desired outcomes for your website have been reviewed and changed
  • It has been a while since your last Google Analytics Audit (just to make sure everything is running smoothly).