Conversion and optimization

Conversions are about getting your website visitors to do what you want. We optimise your website and maximise its benefits based on your business goals and target group analyses and using data, analyses, testing and yet more testing.

Multipronged approach to conversions

When we talk about conversions, we mean based on several different areas.

  • Branding, market position and offering
  • Target group
  • Information architecture and packaging of content
  • Lead conversion best practice
  • Design

What is most important is to base design on business objectives and brand promise, and to be prepared to question things, look at the big picture and think innovatively.

Web analysis – gathering data

Everything starts with collecting what we know about the target group’s behaviour. We compile data from Google Analytics, Hotjar or other tools irrespective of source, to understand both the details and the big picture. This information is invaluable and provides us with insights and a basis for how best to optimise a website.

Understanding web psychology

While data is important, even more important is what we do with it. The next step, therefore, is to understand the reasons for particular behaviour and what we should do to change it. It is at this point that we start creating hypotheses as the basis for the final stage, testing.

Testing your hypotheses

A/B testing is often the Holy Grail in working on a website. It’s simple to perform and can be done over and over to find the optimum way of converting visitors to what you want. Frankly, we’re a little lazy. We prefer getting a helping hand finding information, and this testing allows us to quickly identify the approach that suits visitors best. Sometimes all its takes is a few simple adjustments to see a significant difference. It might be changing an image, rearranging things or creating bullet lists. We then evaluate the results.

Starting again

Conversion optimisation is a constant task. The operating environment changes, visitors change, and so does your offering. Your website needs to continually keep up, so we often establish a long-term plan for how best to collect data, evaluate and test. Over and over again.