Web Analysis

Many site owners we come across are fully aware of how their website performs. Our work often involves or starts with us conducting an analysis of why your website is not performing as expected. Then we will suggest improvements that will drive the results you need.

Analyse your website to drive results

Analyzing your website is something you should be doing on a regular basis. See it as a health-check where you find errors and possibilities. Our web analysis services give you the best possibility for an SEO-friendly website that has strong visibility in the SERPs.

3 reasons why you should track user activity on your website

1. It helps you get to know your audience

We often meet customers who has limited insight into their visitors actual needs and understanding of their behaviour. By adding insight from data we ensure to add more knowledge to the conversion strategy. Because if you don’t know your audience, how can you create a website for them? Through website user tracking, insights into your audience’s needs and motivations can be extracted and used to create a website that will convert them into paying customers.

2. It gives you an opportunity to create better content

Content is what your users are coming to your website for. They want you to show them that you understand their pain points before they buy into the solution you’re offering. When we track user activity on website Google Analytics, we can understand what type of content is engaging your audience so you can create more of the same and increase conversions.

3. You get greater visibility on Google

Our web analysis services give you an SEO-friendly website that has strong visibility in the SERPs. In a world where you have hundreds (if not thousands) of other businesses fighting to get the attention of the same audience as you, a little visibility goes a long way. This means more traffic for you, which ultimately translates to growth, profitability and competitiveness.

Other related services

Persuasive design

We make sure all design elements are strategically placed for easy navigation and maximum conversion.

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SEO analysis

A simple website quality analysis can reveal if your SEO efforts are paying off. If not, we will look into all the facets of your SEO strategy to strengthen any weak links. You could have broken links, a missing site map or unoptimized title tags – our SEO audit will reveal all of this and more so we can fix it. Plus, we’ll go through some of the SEO tricks that your competitors are successfully using so you can get ahead in the organic traffic game.

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Conversion analysis

We will track user activity on your website to find out if you’re delivering the best user experience imaginable. Your audience could be turning away from your website due to some aspects that are deal-breakers in the user experience department. From A/B testing of your web pages to page speed tests, we will uncover insights that will allow you to enhance user experience.

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