Data Visualization (Google Data studio)

Data is king… it would be hard to spot opportunities and measure performance without it. But that doesn’t mean that data should be hard to read. Through our data visualisation services, we take your ability to extract meaningful insights from the data quickly and accurately. We significantly enhance your ability to make informed decisions and achieve positive outcomes that help you achieve your goals.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

Visualisation of data is a way of representing data graphically. Our data visualisation experts use charts, graphs, widgets, maps, timelines and other graphical representations of data to paint a picture with the data. This allows the business’s or brand’s decision-makers to easily spot trends, patterns and outliers.

Visualizing data saves you time (and money)

Executes and other top-level managers don’t have the time to invest in understanding raw data. They need to be able to view all the important KPIs and metrics and make decisions quickly, rather than trying to navigate their way through unwieldy spreadsheets and/or scatter data sources.

That is where we come in!

What is Google Data Studio?

You might be asking yourself: what is Google Data Studio? Well, it is the online data visualization tool that allows us to transform your raw data into graphical reports and interactive dashboards. With Google Data Studio Connectors, we can easily connect to many data sources and import your data… then we do our magic!

Top 3 why you should use Google Data Studio to transform your data

1. See your data in a new light

Through the Google Data Studio report or interactive dashboard we build for you, you can see your data into a whole new light. You can view all the relevant data across organizational functions at a glance. You can even filter it out to only the KPIs and metrics you’re interested in to perform deep drill-downs.

2. More visual and interactive

Your report or dashboard will be populated with all types of tables, charts, graphs and other data visualisation elements. They will be highly organised and readable, which allows you to get the most from your data. You can even interact with the elements to see only what you need from all your sources.

3. No need for technical assistance

You won’t have to constantly contact the IT team once all your data has been imported. Every time your Google Data Studio sources have been updated, your data visualizations will update as well. Our services are the best way to get the most recent and relevant data in front of decision-makers without needing any technical assistance.