We are growing and the tech team at Triggerfish is currently looking for more skilled, curious developers who can contribute to laughs and a good vibe at our office.

What we do

As one of our developers, you will get to work with customers who make the world a little better, like Plan International and the World Wildlife Fund. Organizations like this currently account for 20% of our total sales. Within three years, the goal is for that figure to be 50%. We work in project teams at our own premises (not the customer’s). Your closest colleagues are senior project managers and designers, other developers, content managers, DevOps and test teams. We’re fans of WordPress and some of the Nordic region’s sharpest WP developers can be found here. Together, we develop websites, apps, intranets, webshops and much more.

Benefits that make a difference

Triggerfish has a friendly and considerate atmosphere. We enjoy working together at the office, but of course you can work from home in the event of a crisis. Plus, you get:

  • SEK 5,000 wellness contribution
  • 30 days of vacation
  • At least one trip per year to an exciting locale
  • Senior project manager team
  • Training programs to broaden your skills and personal development
  • Creative coworkers who are good team players
  • Breakfast, coffee breaks and celebrations on a regular basis
  • Fun activities after work
  • Group workouts
  • Always a YES to requests for time off
  • Fair and decent remuneration levels, occupational pension etc.
  • Health insurance that puts you first in line at a private clinic if you get sick

Who are you?

At Triggerfish, you work independently and in teams with skilled colleagues. We want you to be curious and to enjoy investigating and learning new things so that both you and Triggerfish continuously improve. You are a smart, thorough developer, preferably full stack, who likes long-term and effective solutions that actually make a difference and that work. We would prefer for you to have several years of experience in development, preferably including development in WP.
We would like for you to contribute to our closely knit team: we spend a lot of time together improving our setup, testing new things and finding new tools that challenge us and help us grow. We like WordPress (so it’s good if you have a few years of experience in it), although far from all development is in WordPress; we also do development independent of CMS.


In our daily work as developers, we work with PHP 7, front end and Javascript (ES6). We like Composer, deploys with Ansible, gladly use helpers from Laravel, and we think DevOps is fun. Naturally, we use Git version management, and we host on GitHub.

We would also like for you to have experience with a modern Javascript framework/library, since more and more projects include React, for example. Other things of interest that you may have worked with: object-oriented programming, e-commerce/WooCommerce, WP-CLI.

We place a lot of emphasis on personality and qualities beyond expertise. You don’t need to know everything we’ve mentioned here, but we appreciate curiosity and a continuous desire to grow and learn new things.

More about Triggerfish

We’re a tightly knit, laid-back bunch. We all take responsibility for ourselves, and we enjoy working on really fun website projects. We have clear web development and project processes, and abundant expertise in website concepts, design and production. We work with major companies and organizations that are motivated and truly fun to collaborate with. We like taking a long-term approach to our work with customers and staff, and we focus on making sure that what we do makes a difference for the better – or at least, that it doesn’t make the world worse.

What it’s like to work with us (Swedish)