A shared home for knowledge and culture

Axiell wanted to bring clarity to its sprawling website structure. As one of the world’s top software companies, Axiell suddenly found itself with lots of sites that had few common denominators. A new concept, new platform and a clear strategy resulted in a website that brought them all under one roof. And led to a higher conversion rate to boot.

One Axiell

Axiell creates innovative digital tools and services that facilitate sharing of knowledge and culture for institutions such as libraries, museums and schools. It has operations in 55 countries, and is headquartered in Sweden.

Like many global companies, Axiell had several sites with varying designs and technical platforms. It was becoming difficult to administrate and conveyed an inconsistent image of the company. So they launched ‘One Axiell’, a project aimed at developing a collective website to bring together all the company’s platforms under one roof.

  • Analysis and strategy
  • Packaging
  • Concept, design and UX
  • Technical production
  • Optimisation

Easily navigable target group entry points

We were tasked with developing a concept, a design and a technical platform for their global operations, where potential, new and existing customers all felt at home and could find what they were looking for. It was also important to include candidates, job seekers, since the site was and is their primary source of information.

Axiell’s biggest challenge was to create easily navigable pages despite the vast amount of content; content that was aimed at several markets with different conditions. Separate websites would now be merged into a single site. The solution was to create clear entry points that quickly guided the target groups to the right place.

Simplified, refined and futureproof

The result is a website that has significantly boosted the conversion rate, while providing a clear image of what Axiell represents. Smart integrations with external systems have simplified administration, providing employees with more time to concentrate on core operations. Together with Axiell’s digital department, we are now regularly following up, advising and providing administrative support so they can continue providing world-leading services within their sector.