Long-term partnership among avatars and apocalypses

Massive is the brains behind some of the world’s top video games, and has experienced substantial growth in recent years. Just like us, they are obsessed with delivering quality. Perhaps that’s why we’re the perfect match.

A Massive project

The company had just come up with a new corporate identity and needed a website to match. A site where the talented games developers, programmers, sound artists, designers and marketing experts of the future can come together to create magic. Massive, one of Sweden’s top games developers, needed a platform that would be home to all its games, current and future, including the supercool Avatar. The platform would also support the recruitment of hundreds of new employees, and facilitate all the company’s new offices.

  • Strategy
  • Concept och design
  • Technical production and integration
  • Long-term administration and optimisation

Won the pitch

The collaboration began with a pitch that is summed up by Massive’s project team in a few well chosen words.

We were impressed by Triggerfish’s visual concept and strategic approach. Their strategic approach in particular was very much in sync with our thoughts about concept and the main focus on the website, which is why Triggerfish was the obvious choice.

Stockholm - Malmö

One of the challenges has been bridging the physical distance between Stockholm and Malmö, the locations of our respective offices. But because we liked visiting Malmö, combined with regular meetings via Hangout, the partnership ran smoothly. It was a great combination of trains and technology.

Recreating the feel of the game and the company’s culture

One of the objectives of the website design project was to give visitors, who are usually potential job candidates, a genuine feel for the craftsmanship that Massive puts into to its games development. At the same time, it was extremely important to convey the friendly atmosphere at Massive. So we interviewed a range of people to help define the essence of the company, and to reflect their view of Massive in the website.

Long-term partner

Massive wasn’t just looking for someone who could deliver a new website. They wanted a long-term partner who could challenge them and take things forward. Perhaps it was fate that brought us together:

At the beginning of 2017, we were thinking about developing a new website, and we knew we wanted something that really represents us and our position as a world-leading games developer. We were after a suitable partner, and Triggerfish were on our shortlist, although they didn’t know it at the time. But then out of the blue they contacted us. It was an incredible coincidence!

It's been a real pleasure to work with Triggerfish on this project! We always find it exciting to collaborate with partners who are as obsessed with Quality as we are.