Website design project for a global lift manufacturer

Cibes is a global manufacturer of lifts with an international presence under various brands. Triggerfish was commissioned to develop new websites for several markets.

Different markets with different needs.

Together with Cibes’ central marketing department, Triggerfish developed a concept, design, UX and technical platform that would support the different markets.

  • Strategy and analysis of Cibes’ target groups and markets
  • Concept and design
  • Technical production

About the project

Cibes lifts are used by private individuals, companies and public-sector customers. Cibes operates on a global market, but with significant differences between each individual market. The objective was for the website to handle the needs of these different markets and support the sales process for different target groups. It was a fascinating process.


Triggerfish approached the assignment by initially analysing both the needs of customers and the various markets. To understand customer behaviour on different markets and then start working on the design process.

Cibes’ marketing team worked closely with Triggerfish on both the endorsement and design process. Rollout to the various markets has taken place on an ongoing basis.