Determined strides towards digitalisation

If you have almost 30 years’ experience of housing development behind you, you know what you’re doing. Järntorget, a successful builder of quality housing, needed its digital presence to reflect that. We helped them with a new website and digitalised processes.

Comprehensive target group analysis

When Järntorget was working on developing a new brand platform, they also started looking for an agency that could help them both digitalise the company’s processes and revamp

When we were given the assignment, it was the beginning of a long process of mapping and analysing their target groups and offerings. Who was the website aimed at? Which processes should be prioritised based on business benefit? There were lots of questions to answer. The answers emerged as we identified solutions that supported Järntorget’s core operations – building attractive, well-planned quality housing that customers can afford.

  • Preliminary study and target group analysis
  • Digital strategy
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Technical production
  • Integration with property system (Lime)
  • Maintenance

Solutions that save time

For example, we integrated Järntorget’s internal systems for managing projects and housing to simplify the administration of expressions of interest. We also streamlined website administration by scaling down the manual elements as much as possible.

Building without a final spec

One of the challenges we faced was that while work was progressing on the website, Järntorget was also procuring a new system for managing property data. So we needed to build a flexible site that was able to integrate the new system, whatever that might look like. This kind of working environment is highly challenging in terms of both structure and technology; a combination that we excel at, if we say so ourselves…

Website now a sales tool

The new website is now the hub of Järntorget’s digital presence. It functions as an important sales tool, attracts and informs potential home buyers and now represents the brand that Järntorget wants to communicate. We provide administration and ongoing development for the platform, and are continuing to work with their digital strategy.

We’re delighted with Triggerfish’s contribution throughout this project. They challenged us to think in new ways, and we benefitted from having a close discussion partner. We’re really looking forward to the next stage. We’ve also had a lot of laughs together, we shouldn’t forget that!