Agency for the IOGT-NTO-rörelsen

"Glasklar" and "Vit jul" are initiatives by the IOGT-NTO-rörelsen in Sweden for which we highlight the stories and the people behind the issue of alcohol.

A network of multiple websites

Over the years we have developed a number of websites that support the organization in different ways. From attention-grabbing and viral campaigns such as “Vit jul” and “Glasklar” to the organization’s website.


Through influence and commitment, IOGT-NTO-rörelsen works both broadly and niche to reduce the abuse in Sweden.

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IOGT-NTO-rörelsen wanted to shine a light on the issue of alcohol and the people and stories behind the impact of alcohol. We used a ‘card design’ solution that presents a host of stories and generates engagement among visitors. Anyone can submit their story to help spark debate and recognition.

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Vit jul

By breaking the silence and challenging alcohol’s norms, IOGT-NTO-rörelsen wants to help create secure and sober festive seasons for children. Triggerfish has helped with the new campaign website.

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  • Strategy
  • Concept, design and packaging
  • Technical production including integration with payment solutions