Digital agency for one of Sweden’s largest Volvo franchises

With annual revenues of SEK 2 billion, Bra Bil is one of Sweden’s largest Volvo franchises. Triggerfish was tasked with revising the web structure to improve conversion rates and develop a new website.

Increase sales and establish a stronger brand

Bra Bil has numerous different target groups, offerings and packages. Triggerfish’s task was to develop a structure and approach to achieve a higher conversion rate and make it easier for target groups to find the right package from Bra Bil’s range.

How do we increase sales of additional services and position Bra Bil with regard to other strong car retailers amid an increasingly digital and complex customer journey? This was the main challenge we addressed.

There was also the matter of SEO and how to strengthen organic searches on a competitive market.

  • Concept and design
  • Packaging
  • Technical production and integration with most elements
  • Web hosting and maintenance
  • Optimisation