Conversion Audit

You are facing a big problem: your website isn’t converting. It’s not like your target customers aren’t visiting your website… they are, but they are also getting stuck somewhere in the conversion funnel and turning away. Something is broken and you need to fix it. We can help you figure out what it is through our conversion audit services.

Uncover bottlenecks that are preventing website conversion

When you have invested a lot of time and money into digital marketing, your ROI needs to reflect your effort. When visitors come to your website, you can’t always expect them to follow a predetermined path. Through a conversion audit, we can help you chart their path (backed by quantitative and qualitative data) to uncover bottlenecks in the customer journey that need removing.

It is the logical first step to conversion rate optimization

The reason you have that website is to capture leads that you can convert into paying customers. It could be that your content isn’t engaging enough. You could be attracting an audience through the wrong marketing channels – an audience that isn’t ready to buy. It could even be that many of your target customers don’t recognize your payment gateways.

Whatever the case, you can’t fix a problem you are unaware of. You need a conversion audit to stop missing opportunities and ensure your CRO efforts lead to successful outcomes.

Boost your conversion rates

Using a data-oriented approach, we will find and remove bottlenecks at critical junctions in the customer journey. We will find that page, piece of content, call to action or any other web element and feature that is preventing your visitors from taking the next step. Our suggested courses of action will ensure that you get more subscriptions or sales.

Our approach to conversion auditing

Our experienced conversion auditors will review your website – looking at it through conversion-tinted glasses. Then we will give you a detailed report of our findings, along with the explanations and justifications needed to help you understand what needs to happen next.

Among other things, we will tell you:

  • Exactly where your potential customers are getting stuck.
  • Which conversion stoppers you need to fix immediately to unstuck your potential customers.
  • Which tools you can use to track and analyze your most important conversion KPIs and metrics.
  • A/B testing ideas you can do on your website.
  • How you can improve your customer journey

Seizing missed opportunities

Our CRO audit isn’t all about finding problems, but it is also about uncovering opportunities. You shouldn’t only worry when your conversion rate drops and don’t know why… you should also worry when it increases and still don’t know why. This is a missed opportunity if you don’t act on it.