Training in Conversion Rate Optimization

Want to get better at understanding what you can do to optimize your website and increase conversion? Then this half-day course is for you. The course can be conducted at our office in Stockholm or remotely. We are happy to adjust the level of difficulty to your needs.

This is what you will learn during the course

You will get unique content unlike any other program out there, based on approaches we adopted for our own clients.

You will be using your own website for learning how to implement conversion principles and get an opportunity to learn from practitioners with many years of experience.

Here’s what you get after attending our half-day training:

  • Significantly improved conversion rate optimization, digital analytics and user experience skills.
  • Better understanding of what makes websites successful (and what makes them fail).
  • Ability to design effective A/B tests that increase the likelihood of producing the desired results.

Teaching you processes you can replicate for success

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, you cannot rely on random testing and gut feelings. We will teach you how to approach conversion rate optimization methodically, contrary to trying whatever tactic to see if it works.

You will be able to:

  • Uncover areas that are causing a website to haemorrhage money.
  • Find out why it is happening.
  • Create a testable hypothesis using the data you have accumulated.
  • Run some tests to gain more knowledge about the situation.
  • Use the knowledge to strengthen your customer theory.
  • Win often and win bigger!